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820 South Carlin Springs Road  
Arlington,  VA  22204  

What We Believe . . .

To the Brills, "Children are the resources of the future and our most precious legacy. Their education and development are the most important tasks we can undertake."

The complicated and stressful times in which we live demand that we make special efforts to provide our children with a safe, yet stimulating, environment in which to spend their early learning years. To this end, Fairfax Academy has created a unique setting in which you can be assured that your child will receive both LOVE and LEARNING skills at the hands of professionals who have been carefully chosen on the basis of their proficiency in early childhood education and their demonstrated caring for young children. The development of the whole child—physically, emotionally, and psychologically—is our prime consideration. Whether you are a parent at home with your child, part of a working couple, or a single parent, your first concern is the well-being and happiness of your child. At Fairfax Academy we feel it is crucial that both parent and school work together toward our mutual goal of providing a bright beginning for your child.

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